A Good Reminder – Babies Don’t Keep by Ruth Hulburt Hamilton {Printable}

11 Mar

Okay. So, I must be in a mushy and emotional mood today but bare with me. Every time you have a child everyone and their mother feels the need to give you tons of advice and forewarning about what is to come. All though some of it is annoying and unwanted some of it is also really good heartfelt advice. Perhaps the most commonly received {good} advice for me is, “enjoy it, they grow up SO fast.” Its so true.

Even though its hard, when you have children, to just stop and take it all in and savor every moment. Its something I constantly remind myself to do. Its so important to truly appreciate each moment and stage no matter how chaotic or stressful it can sometimes be. Try to remember each moment is a memory in the making. This poem and song remind me just that. Don’t take everything so seriously, laugh at the spilled milk, give tons of hugs and kisses and always say I love you.

The next best advice I’ve gotten was from my mother in law. “sleep when they sleep!”. Another hard pill to swallow, but so true. Yes, the only time you can get anything done is when they sleep, but the cleaning and chores can wait, they aren’t going anywhere!


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