Thursday Things

29 Mar

1. Last Saturday my dad and I went to a garage sale and I got this fabulous dinnerware set. . . for FREE! I love me a good find!

If you “like” AtHomeWithAlley on Facebook you already know about this! If you haven’t yet, why not take a second and “like” the page to be in the know and receive updates and exclusive sneak peaks!

2. I also picked up these super cute decorative plaques for a whopping $2 each! One says “Recipe for a happy home” and the other “Recipe for a happy family”! They look perfect hanging in my kitchen!

3. I made the most amazing sandwich rolls. So good I ended up eating half of them plain. Part of me thinks I subconsciously did it on purpose so I had a legitimate excuse to make them again today. I LOVE making bread. It’s my favorite!

4. I’ve been making lots of photo tutorials in days past. I cannot wait to share them with you! I made sure to photograph each and every single step so even the most inexperienced baker will have absolutely no trouble making them!

5. I’m working on a collection of video tutorials, everything from bread to homemaking! Coming soon!!

6. My Mama is letting me make Easter dinner this year, I am SO excited! I will post my menu plan for Easter dinner in the next couple days!

7. Also, in the next few days I’ll share with you a fabulous recipe to use up Easter leftovers!

8. Because of my husbands work schedule Wednesdays are our “Sundays”. So, for “Sunday” dinner last night we had: grilled chicken, fried potatoes with green onions (we call them Grandpa Dean’s Potatoes), shrimp salad with sweet Italian vinaigrette, dinner rolls with butter and my Mom’s homemade blackberry jam, cantaloupe and banana cake for dessert!

What’d you have for supper last night? 🙂


One Response to “Thursday Things”

  1. Paula March 29, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    I love all your finds. Have fun with all those video tutorials you are working on. Looking forward to them and enjoy making Easter dinner. It will no doubt, be lovely.

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