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Decorated Halloween Boo Letters

25 Oct

{Image Credit: A Diamond in the Stuff}

Aren’t those letters great?! When I saw those my mind just started racing with ideas, you could literally make them for every season and holiday! “Joy” or “Noel” for Christmas maybe? “Love” for Valentines day or even all year. I have a “love shelf” that displays cherished memories and captures our family’s love where I can just picture l-o-v-e letters adding the perfect touch. Oooh or “Family” for the living room! See what happens when I see stuff like this, my mind drives itself crazy with possibilities! If you bought these letters pre-made from a store they would cost you a pretty penny, so do it yourself and have it be exactly what you want, and save those pretty pennies for something else!

To Make These Yourself You’ll Need:

*Paper Mache Letters from Hobby Lobby


*Modge Podge

*Scrapbook Paper


Check out these Decorated Boo Letters at A Diamond in the Stuff and be inspired by all of her amazing projects!



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